News and events

'Even straight people get HIV'
The Star, 2 December 2012

What are some of the prevaliing myths about who gets infected with HIV/AIDS?

B Comm Review 2012
23 November 2012

The Bachelor of Communications (B Comm) Review External Panel met on campus over two days 22 – 23rd Nov 2012. 

SASS Student wins Chevening Scholarship
10 September 2012

Shazwan Mustafa Kamal who graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a minor in Writing has been awarded the prestigious and competitive Chevening Scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. 

2012 School Research and Teaching Retreat
September 2012 

SASS held its annual Research and Teaching retreat in Port Dickson on 29-30th Sept. Prof James Chin gave a broad overview of the key challenges faced by the school in the coming year.

SASS NGO Fair – Open the Eyes of Many
14 August 2012

The NGO Fair is an effort by the staff of the School of Arts and Social Sciences, providing an alternative to corporate companies who regularly hold fairs and events in universities to recruit students to their fold.

2012 NGO Fair
14 August 2012

Now in its fifth year, the NGO Fair has created an awareness among students about life beyond the corporate sector.

SASS Study Trip – In Search of Krung Thep, Bangkok
31 July 2012

For the study part of the trip, we were introduced to very knowledgeable speakers of their field. It was a brilliant opportunity to learn about Thailand through lived experiences which created a lot more depth to the subject and helped me see just how admirable the Thais are at keeping peace despite class differences and colour of skin throughout the coups and political struggles in this century alone. 

2012 Three minute thesis competition - School level
24 July 2012

Ms. Claire Grant received her winning prize from Prof. Joern Dosch (Deputy Head of School for Research).

There’s something to be said about bloggers who make it to London Fashion Week
5 July 2012

POH Bei Yan is so obsessed about bags that she started Bag Addicts Anonymous. 

SASS at the 8th International Malaysian Studies Conference
July 2012

The School of Arts and Social Sciences participated in the 8th International Malaysian Studies Conference held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from 9-11 July, 2012. 

Roundtable: Which way from here? Assessing the road ahead for Burma/Myanmar and ASEAN
19 June 2012

Organised by the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Monash University, Sunway Campus, the June 19 Roundtable was entitled “Which Way From Here? Assessing the Road Ahead for Burma/Myanmar and Asean”. 

2012 SASS Filmmaker in Residence
May 2012

SASS has appointed Mr Azharr Rudin as the Film-maker in Residence (FIR) for 2012.  Azharr Rudin is a key figure in what was known as the Malaysian New Wave cinema, often collaborating as an editor even to those outside of the ‘Wave’. 

SASS’s first PhD
24 April 2012

Julian Hopkins, from Ireland, became SASS’s first PhD graduate when he completed his examination process in March this year.  

Roundtable: Internet Censorship in Malaysia
30 March 2012

What does the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movements have in common? Three alphabets: WWW. The World  Wide Web has been the messenger of revolution to millions of dissatisfied people all over the world springing  them into action.

Monash Anthology Trailer  

A project proposed and guided by Monash Sunway’s first filmmaker-in-residence, Fikri Jermadi in 2011 for the students of Monash University Sunway Campus where they teamed up and took key positions as director, screenwriter, producer and even as sound designer.