News and events

Thailand - Post-Coup Progress
Joel Moore, Monash University
11-December 2014

Six months have passed since the military brought down the care-taker government of Yingluck Shinawatra. 

Monash-Warwick Strategic Alliance
8-9 December 2014

Workshop on Transnational Private Regulation and Multi-level Governance in Southeast Asia: Investigating the Possibilities and Limitations for “Progressive” Governance held on 8-9 December 2014, funded by a seed grant from the Monash-Warwick Strategic Alliance.

Research Workshop with Singapore Management University
3-5 December 2014 

Symposium S'pore Scholars from the School of Arts met their counterparts from the Singapore Management University in Singapore to explore possible areas of future collaboration. 

In Search of Makassar & Toraja 2014
November 2014

Organised by lecturer Dr. Yeoh Seng Guan, nineteen students from the School of Arts & Social Sciences embarked on a journey to the provincial island of Sulawesi to study the history and cultural practices of the bustling port city of Makassar as well as to learn about the burial practices and unique architecture in Toraja.

Best Student Award November 2014 Graduation
21 November 2014

Congratulations to Mr Mohammed Ameer Moosa Sobhan for receiving the Best Graduate Award for Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences and also Ms Jaina Umesh Chandwany for receiving the Best Graduate Award for Bachelor of Communication. 

Nasi Bungkus Cinema: Short Films by Edmund Yeo
14 October 2014

Edmund Yeo is an award-winning Malaysian filmmaker, who has been making films since 2008. 

Monash English Bridging (MEB) Graduation Ceremony
10 October 2014

After working hard for 15 weeks, 25 students of the June 2014 MEB Monash Malaysia finally received their graduation reward. 

Importance of Crisis Management
The Star, 2 September 2014

If handled correctly, crisis can win a company or country more investment and trade. However, if handled badly, it can affect the economy, profits and image.
A crisis in this day and age can cover a range of incidents from a terrorist attack to a plane crash and the recall of products.

Community Engagement Week and NGO Fair

12 Aug 2014 and 13 Aug 2014

Since 2008, the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) has worked closely with local, regional, and global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to ensure that our students engage with the most pressing issues effecting the wider community. 

Fake news, true blues
By Dr Julian Hopkins
The Star (24 July 2014)

The digital age has greatly changed the way people create and consume information, often leading to the widespread creation and sharing of fake news stories.

Thailand - A Constitution For All Seasons?
By Joel Moore, Monash University Malaysia
4 July 2014

“It has been the love of nation, the love of the Monarchy, that has been the glue rather than any great respect for political institutions such as the Constitution,”says political scientist Joel Moore. 

"Crossing the line"
The Sun

The fashion industry often appropriates ethnic and indigenous motifs into their designs. Does  this necessarily help to celebratee cultural diversity?

29 April 2014

US President Barack Obama has left Malaysia after completing a three-day state visit – the first sitting president to visit, after President Lyndon B. Johnson nearly 50 years ago. But did the trip live up to its hype? What did it achieve? And what did it mean for PM Datuk Seri Najib Rajak’s administration? Melisa Idris gets the thoughts of Professor James Chin, Professor of Political Science and Head of School of Arts & Social Sciences at Monash University Malaysia.

Faculty of Arts Dean’s Sessional Commendations - Semester 2, 2013
18 April 2014

The Dean's Sessional Commendations are intended to recognise and support the work done by our sessional teaching staff in the Faculty.

Radio Monash
16 April 2014

Radio Monash Malaysia is a student-run, volunteer radio station in Malaysia catering to the students of Monash University Malaysia and the surrounding universities.  

Best Student Award April 2014 Graduation
4 April 2014

Congratulations to the following students for receiving the Best Graduate Award.

'Supernatural help'
Star Online, 16 March 2014 

In the immediate wake of MH370, a range of individuals and groups have turned to supernatural help to help make sense of the tragedy.