Since 2008, the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) has worked closely with local, regional, and global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to ensure that our students engage with the most pressing issues effecting the wider community.  Over one to two days, activists and organizations come to campus to raise awareness among the leaders of tomorrow.  Students from all schools come away from the experience with the desire to work with the community to make the world a better place. 

“The fair is a really good opportunity to network. I am thinking to get involved in social entrepreneurship, but I don’t know which ones yet, or if I’m going to start my own! This is all very new to me. You don’t even know what you should know until the university shows you,” said Nabil Yusof, 22, a student taking his Masters in International Business, sharing his excitement in learning more about the entrepreneurial community at the Social Enterprise Alliance booth.

Many SASS students also use the fair as an opportunity to line up internships with various organizations. 

In 2014 we expanded the scope of the fair and worked with other schools to make it an integral part of Monash University Malaysia’s Community Engagement Week.  Over the course of the week, experts and activists came to Monash to engage in more detailed discussions with students and researchers about the great issues of the day. 

“It’s not just about one week, it’s about building long term relationships with the community in which we live and work in. Education is more than just about students gaining a degree. We hope that along the way, our students will also learn how to be successful, active and civically engaged,” shared Professor Helen Bartlett, President and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Monash University Malaysia. 

SASS continues to play a central role in the now annual Community Engagement Week and NGO Fair.  We also ensure that our research, curricular, and other extra-curricular activities build upon and integrate with the weeks activities.