Radio Monash Malaysia is a student-run, volunteer radio station in Malaysia catering to the students of Monash University Malaysia and the surrounding universities.  It currently broadcasts live shows for 5 hours from Monday to Friday but with continuous streaming of content at all other times.  The daily broadcast duration is set to increase in a few weeks, with more students applying to join every day.  The station is available via the website, and a mobile app is currently in the works.  Radio Monash Malaysia offers a mix of programming from student interest to current local affairs as well as a global range of music including the latest releases in the music industry.  Radio Monash Malaysia offers student the opportunity to enhance their broadcasting and journalism skills as well as gain confidence in front of microphones and learn the technical aspects to a radio station.  The students gain the opportunity to produce a radio program with their own unique passions, creating numerous virtual stations in just one radio station.  At the same time, they help to foster the growing Monash student community in Malaysia. 


Radio Monash in Australia started in 1965 as a pirate station.  Through the years it developed into the first radio station in Australia to broadcast via the internet.  Broadcasting under various names previously, Radio Monash Malaysia launched in 2013 with a few students mainly focussing on podcasts.  A total of 12 shows were planned throughout the semester, with 10 being recorded and available as online podcasts.  

From 2014, Radio Monash Malaysia expanded the number of radio presenters and officially became part of the Clubs and Societies division of Monash University Malaysia.  With new equipment and a new home, the shows are now broadcast live on the internet with podcasts available on request.